Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day Off!

Hubby and I both had today off!

Side note: It's funny how I am now inspired to make use of my days off, whereas before employment, I was content to sit around the house and do a whole lot of nothing.

Today we went to Indiana Beach. It was the best day to go, because there were only four other people there, besides the people working the rides. So we rode everything without waiting in line! We also had the obligatory corn-dog, followed by the obligatory elephant ear. Yum! And, after playing several of the arcade games, we walked away with a ton of loot! We got: tiny stuffed dolphin (to match the tiny stuffed dolphin I have hanging from my rear-view mirror) (thanks Zinger!), a dragon fly glider, a spider that grows to 600% of its original size when placed in water (may take up to 72 hours to reach full size), a stuffed rose, a porcupine ball, a lighter (it was either that or batteries), and matching skull rings for Hubby and I. We put on our skull rings for the ride home, and sometimes we made them kiss.

Then we stopped at this place in Lafayette that is selling books for amazing prices. We each got 3 books, and our total was $33! Hubby got 3 hardcovers! And they were new books! It was awesome! (Mom- in case you are wondering where this heaven is, it is in the same plaza as PetSmart.)

So, about work. It is great! I have been there for over a week now, and they have already given me 2 days off! (Wait. Is that bad?)

Anyway, I really am having a great time. I still find it hard to believe that I am getting paid to wear scrubs and play with animals. And I barely even mind taking their temperature. Unless they have a lot of fur on their heiny, and then it gets kind of gross. And the people I work with are pretty great too! And! I found out that I don't mind getting up early in the mornings, because I really look forward to going to work! (Dad, I am really sorry if you are at this very moment on your way to the hospital because you just had a heart-attack after reading that last sentence.)

It is really funny when I get home from work, because I have to run to the closet and change before Zoe has a chance to sniff me. Otherwise, I get attacked! She looks at me the way I would look at Hubby if I found lipstick on one of his shirt collars.

The cats don't really care who I have been spending my time with, just as long as they still have food and a clean litterbox.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Our electric bill this month was $133.

We are no longer allowed to use the lights, except in the kitchen. Right now I am doing a contraband load of laundry. When hubby gets back home, I will somehow have to prove to him that I have been doing laundry in the resevoir. I am working on a way to hook up all of the animals to a wheel, and then trying to figure out how to channel their energy into electricity.

The cats just lay down when I attach them to the wheel. Stupid cats. Tomorrow I am going to go buy a whip. That'll get 'em moving.

Hubby is also losing his mind because I just spent $100 on scrubs. Actually, I am kind of losing my mind because I spent $100 on scrubs. Are there coupons for scrubs?

Now I have to go clean the house. I have a friend coming in tomorrow for the Colts game. I will be sure to tell her not to eat off any of the dishes, because I washed them in cold water. Hot water makes the water heater run, which uses electricity.

Also, no showers. Bathe in the resevoir.


Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!

I am way super excited!

Starting Monday, I will be working at a veterinarian office!

I just found out yesterday, after a really agonizing day of staring at my phone and willing them to call.

After I got the good news, Hubby took me purse shopping! I got a pretty! I won't post a link, because then you will see how much it cost.

And, my friend is coming to visit me tomorrow. We are going to catch the Colts game.

And my house is a pit.


Sunday, August 13, 2006



First of all, we had a partial in-law reunion this weekend. It was really fun, but also really frustrating. Can't go into a lot of detail, for obvious reasons. But! Oh Lord!

We said that we would have Christmas at our house.

I weep.

The only way I will get through this is if Hubby gives me an IV bag full of tequila as my Christmas present.

But! In other super exciting news!

I almost have a job! I go for a 'working' interview tomorrow!

Pray pray pray! Please please please!

P.S.- I have tried to post about 15 different times, but mercifully ( I repeat! Mercifully!) I discarded these attempts after the second or third lame sentence.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Oops... I Did It Again!

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think I did it again
I made the mistake of picking up that box
Oh baby
It might seem like a crush
But this is super serious
'Cause to lose all my senses
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, baby

Oops!...I did it again
I played with my hair, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops!...I think I'm in love
This color's sent from above
It's not that innocent

You see my problem is this
I'm dreaming away
Wanting to change my color again
I cry, watching the days
Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways
But to lose all my senses
That is just so typically me
Baby, oh

[Repeat CHORUS]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

"All aboard"
"Dawn, before you go, there's something I want you to have"
"Oh, it's beautiful, but wait a minute, isn't this...?"
"Yeah, yes it is"
"But I thought my hair would never be its natural color again"
"Well baby, I went down to Walgreen's and got it for you"
"Oh, you shouldn't have" really.

Oops!...I did it again to my hair
Got lost in this game, oh baby
Oops!...This color was supposed to be from above
It's not that innocent

Yep, say hello to your new friend, CopperTop.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Memory

This is my tribute to Fermi. (Not to be confused with the scientist.)

I love you Fermi! I will miss you until I get to heaven, and then we can romp around together and beg for treats from God. I sure do hope that God gave you a big enough pair of wings to support flying. It would not be good if they were only for show, and I know that God thinks 'big is beautiful'.

I will miss the way that you 'sharked' mom and I when you sensed that a tidbit of food was coming your way. I will miss your squeaky meow. I will miss petting you until you let me know it is time to quit with a little bite. I will miss your un-ashamed love of your drug bear.

I miss that I don't have anyone to call the Ferm, Ferm-ster, or Ferm-a-Rama.
I miss my little fuzzy face.
I miss my big grey jelly bean.

It's Not You, It's Me

Or more like, me and my computer.


So what have I been up to in the 500 years since I last posted?

Well. Let me tell you.

First, my computer broke. Yes, my brand new spiffy computer called it quits. Hate! The. Computer. With. All. Of. My. Heart. (And viscera.)

Speaking of viscera... Guess where I learned that term! That's right! This show. So clever.

Anywho. During my long stay away from my computer, I managed to get attacked by a cat. A cat that lives with this person. I was over there, minding my own business and scooping some litter, when BAM! This cat decides that it doesn't like me in his space. So he proceeds to attack whatever he can reach. And he is no small cat. Uh-uh. He had me backed into the bathroom for a while. It took some yelling, cussing, and a box of Kleenex for me to get out of there. Yes, I was using a box of Kleenex to defend myself from this cat. (And yes Auntie Kay, I know you told me so.)

I may or may not have gotten a really bad sunburn on my back. I may or may not have been inebriated while acquiring supposed sunburn. I may or may not have been sitting on my sister-in-law's boat (which was parked at the dock because she may or may not have made a promise about not driving it). Anyway, I'm not fessing up to anything. *ahem*

We enrolled Zoe into obedience school thanks to Britney (whose roommate is the proud owner of attack-cat). We had our very first training session with the dogs yesterday. Hilarity ensued.

And, I am finally ready to give up my title as Slacker. That's right! I am applying for a job! Woo hoo!


b.o.b.:b.o.b. presents the adventures of bobby ray
Containing this year's summer song: nothin' but you.

gorillaz:plastic beach
It's gorillaz. Need I say more?


Books of Booky Past: these are books that I have recently (or not so recently) read, and recommend.

the plain truth: jodi picoult
This book provided a wealth of information about the Amish community. It was wonderful.

the time traveler's wife: audrey niffenegger (sp?)
This book is like the movie Serendipity. Wow! the first time around, still pretty great for consequent readings.

Present Booky Books: do I really need to explain what this is?

dragon haven: robin hobb
Yeah, it's fantasy. So is Edward Cullen.

Books of the Future: Oooooo!



Every guilty pleasure song brought back to you! (Plus dancing!)

so you think you can dance
Nah nah nah nah so you think you can dance dance dance dance. Put me on the hot tamale train!

the office
Ah Steve Carrell.

10 things i hate about you
I love this movie. Plus, what's not to like about Julia Stiles?


mean girls
Okay, I know, I know. Lindsay Lohan is a skank. But she wasn't when this movie came out. At least not in public.

drop dead gorgeous
This movie is absolutely hysterical.