Monday, June 26, 2006

More Thoughts

Because I can't get my mind to focus on one thing long enough to come up with a post. So, I have a feeling that for a while I will just be posting thoughts.

There is, right now as I type this, a bird in my garage. A very very stupid bird. The garage door is up (screaming: steal from me! all of my good stuff! look! it is still in boxes because we haven't unpacked!) and the bird refuses to see the great outdoors spread before it. Because it is perched between the garage door and the ceiling. Then, when I close the garage door, the bird flies around in circles for a minute, until I open the door again and he goes back to his perch. Dumb dumb bird. And if he poos in my garage, he will be a dead dumb bird.

Zero 7 and Keane have both come out with new albums. I am in HEAVEN! Beautiful beautiful music!

C-Los and I went to a conference this weekend in Austin, TX. The conference sucked, but the sightseeing was awesome! We ate Mexican food every night, which is something I could do every night for the rest of my life. We went to this one restaurant that gave us each a rose at the end of dinner. I was so bowled over by this that of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut and act like this happened all of the time to me. "Does this usually happen?" Our waitress looked at me funny and said "of course." Another night we ate at this restaurant that is perched on the side of a mountain and overlooks Lake Travis. Matthew McConaughey has a house on Lake Travis. C-Los is single. He is beautiful. Match made in heaven? Yes.

I love love love my new short hair. If you want to see a picture of it, you will have to go to E-Chi's page. But, it is the first time in my life that I have had short hair and not felt like a boy! I still feel very feminine. And it is such a relief in this hot weather!

Okay, I have to go outside and make sure that we are not have sparrow roast for dinner tonight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I just read an entire book without using a bookmark. This is a travesty, because now the spine of the book is all broken.

Hubby and I were driving today, and we drove past this place called "Classy Nails." I am pretty certain that if you put the word "Classy" in your name, you are not, in fact, classy.

And also: these pictures? Why do salons still use them? I can honestly say that I have not wanted to look like any of those people since 1987.

The other day I went to the hardware store, because I needed a file. (It's a really long story, okay?) This is the kind I ended up with. Hah! A Flat Bastard File. Does anyone else see the possibility here? Maybe Flat Bastard is Fat Bastard's long lost twin. And he is so flat because his twin is so fat! This is awesome.

I have this friend that works at a car dealership. They have set up a room with computers that customers are free to use while waiting for their cars. My friend called me yesterday to tell me what happened to her at one of the computers. One of the customers, (or I'm willing to bet, one of the children of a customer) saved a very graphic pornographic image as the wallpaper for the computer. My friend was (luckily) the first one to get on the computer after this happened. She was all kinds of flustered, and she knows less about computers than cave-people do. So she was stuck. She said her first thought was to get out of the room so people wouldn't suspect her of doing it. But she ended up calling in someone who knew something about computers, and the situation was rectified. Apparently there was a lot of blushing and avoidance of direct eye contact. I think that is completely hysterical. And if you don't think too deeply about it, you will too.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

When Animals Attack!!!

(In memory of C-Los and the Sheep Incident)

Living in this condo is going to be fun.

The other night, I was randomly looking behind the toilet at the plunger, when I saw what I thought was the world's largest spider leg. My heart started racing. But I was brave. I moved the plunger. It was not the world's largest spider leg. It was, in fact, a mouse tail. Attached to a dead mouse. Yum! Although, a dead mouse is much more acceptable to me than the world's largest spider leg, presumably attached to the world's largest spider. This would require a move on our part. To a different house. Seriously.

Today, while (kind of) enjoying my lunch, Garfield comes racing in to the kitchen. We had a bird. In our kitchen. It was still alive, but it wouldn't be much longer if Garfield had anything to say about it. Then Zoe comes racing into the fray after the poor thing starts scream-chirping. I finally managed to gather it in a dishtowel, after which both of the animals who were attacking it promptly lost interest. I took the bird outside and released it (after a frantic phone call to my dad). But. I don't know how long that bird was in here. If I find bird poo, I am hunting it down. I saw which direction it flew in, so it shouldn't be too hard to find it. Right?

Also, this place is so full of spiders that I feel I have no choice but to get over my fear and try to work with them. Most of the time it has been okay, but occassionally I have had to call in the troops to exterminate what looked to be a particularly vicious spider.

Oh, and dad? I was reading about the Brown Recluse spider, and they said that those spiders can live for something like 4 years. Ewwwww.


b.o.b.:b.o.b. presents the adventures of bobby ray
Containing this year's summer song: nothin' but you.

gorillaz:plastic beach
It's gorillaz. Need I say more?


Books of Booky Past: these are books that I have recently (or not so recently) read, and recommend.

the plain truth: jodi picoult
This book provided a wealth of information about the Amish community. It was wonderful.

the time traveler's wife: audrey niffenegger (sp?)
This book is like the movie Serendipity. Wow! the first time around, still pretty great for consequent readings.

Present Booky Books: do I really need to explain what this is?

dragon haven: robin hobb
Yeah, it's fantasy. So is Edward Cullen.

Books of the Future: Oooooo!



Every guilty pleasure song brought back to you! (Plus dancing!)

so you think you can dance
Nah nah nah nah so you think you can dance dance dance dance. Put me on the hot tamale train!

the office
Ah Steve Carrell.

10 things i hate about you
I love this movie. Plus, what's not to like about Julia Stiles?


mean girls
Okay, I know, I know. Lindsay Lohan is a skank. But she wasn't when this movie came out. At least not in public.

drop dead gorgeous
This movie is absolutely hysterical.