Sunday, October 29, 2006

So Much To Say

Don't ya just love the shout-out to DMB?

Anyway, it's true.

Well, for a little while now, I have been toying with the idea of just shutting down this blog. Since getting this job, I have been really strapped for time. Most of the time the last thing I want to do is post. But there is another part of me that would like to see this blog hit the 2 year mark. I mean, I made it this far, why not keep going?

I have lots of stories to tell about my job, but I have serious reservations about telling them here. Veterinary medicine is as hush-hush as human medicine. It would not be smart for me to post stories here. The stories that I can post occur between me and my co-workers, but most of the time we are so busy that we don't have many moments to create blog-worthy stories.

Although....One of the girls that I work with is just amazing with animals. She has no fear. We had one patient that had been in an abusive situation during a training program and had become kennel shy. Once you got him out of the kennel he was fine. But in the kennel he would lift his lip and snarl and bark at you. I walked back into the ward one time to find this girl lying in the kennel with him! She was loving on him and feeding him, and it was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen! I was scared just to go near his kennel, and here she was lying in it!

I really do have the utmost respect for her abilities with animals, but this next story is just too funny not to tell.

We frequently have patients in to clean their teeth, and if the situation is bad enough extractions are made. Well, this particular cat had to have several extractions, and so his mouth was not pretty. The owner had come to pick him up, and the girl decides to clean his mouth up a bit before taking him up to the owner. So she has him cradled in her lap, and she is crooning to him while cleaning his mouth off. He had one of the carriers where the top opened as well as the side. She opened the top and was very gently depositing him into the carrier. Unfortunately, she mis-judged and ending up banging his mouth into the side of the carrier. I was watching this whole thing, and I had to run in the opposite direction because I busted out laughing, and the girl was shooing me away so she wouldn't laugh. After that mishap, this poor girl bangs the carrier into the door on her way up front. That was it for me. I had to go into the x-ray room, I was laughing so hard and I knew the owner would hear me if I didn't get out of there.

Hubby and I went to a haunted house a couple of weeks ago with super slides. SUPER SLIDES! We had to travel for quite a while to get there, but come on! It had SUPER SLIDES! Did I mention it had super slides?

When we get there, they go through this whole spiel about things that you are not allowed to do. The actors were not allowed to touch us. They would appreciate it if we didn't touch them. No smoking. No using lighters. No using flashlights. No obscenities. Fine. We ended up going through the house with this other family which consisted of a couple, and their small son. He was probably around 6 or 7.

We get to the first super slide. Hubby goes down first. Then the lady tells me to go. So I go. And at the bottom, some idiot kid/actor has his hand strategically placed so that his fingers go into my right eye. An explosion of purple goes off in my eye. Meanwhile, an explosion comes out of my mouth. B*TCH!!!!! That's what I said. To God, idiot kid/actor, the haunted house cast, and that poor little 6-7 year old. I so hope he didn't hear me. Then the idiot kid/actor proceeds to honk me off further. First he apologized. That was fine, and of course I was embarrassed about my profanity that I told him it was okay, even though it wasn't because it hurt so bad oh my will I be blind in this eye will I have to wear an eyepatch will I have to spend the rest of my life saying Aargghh Matey? Then! He had the nerve to start talking about how it wasn't his fault you are supposed to wait 10 seconds before sending the next person down the slide blah blah blah shut it idiot kid/actor before I punch you and have to wear an eye patch in prison.

Aargghh Matey.


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