Monday, April 24, 2006

Will Post For Comments


Happy (Belated) Birthday!

My blog was a year old on April 13th. Awwww.

Here are some stats for you: I have posted 92 times. (93 if you count this one.) So that is an average of one post every four days.

Considering that, I really think that I hear too much whining from my readers about my lack of updates. About the only thing I do more regularly is go to the bathroom. (And read.)

But I am actually quite proud of myself for sticking it out this long. When I first started, I thought this would go the way of most of my projects: unfinished and forgotten. But here I am! Still posting away!

Good times.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Word Vomit

Are you ready?

First, we found a new house. It is a condo. It comes with crazy condo fees, but it is on the water. It is lovely. (Okay, well it will be lovely.) Previous owner chose an interesting painting scheme: pepto-bismol peach (I know, pepto is pink, but this peach is the pepto of peaches, you read?) in most of the house and some funky kind of color in the bedroom. The best description I have of the bedroom paint: urine that has been held too long. Far too long. (I figured I would gross you out now so you have the opportunity to bail on what could quite possibly be the world's longest post ever.) Also, the carpet? Is gross. Green. Kind of a pastel-y green that looks way too weird with the paint.

But! It is on the water! With a boat dock! And the kitchen has stainless steel countertops and appliances, which has caused much envy all around. And it is only one bedroom, so we don't have to worry about certain things, like accomodations! We will send them to my sister-in-law's new house, which is actually our current house. She will have plenty of room! And! We are getting new furniture! Woo woo! And lots and lots of other great things.

Also: this is my new excuse for not posting more regularly. Because hello? New house means painting and getting new floors installed and moving and crying and cussing and lots of other things so I will be way too busy to worry that my tiny readership is dying from malnourishment due to lack of posts. Just get over it. I will come back! Or, I will call you on the phone and tell you what I would have posted anyway. (Live feedback rocks!)

Also also: This whole process is so stressful. I actually got a zit on my elbow. Seriously.

Easter: Was really really good. Went to church with the parents, and got exactly what I needed. I love it when that happens. Big booster shot. Loved it. Spent the rest of the day at various relative's homes. It was really nice and relaxing. Then I went over to Britney's. That was a lot of fun. Got to spend quite a bit of time with her and her boyfriend. And OSCAR!!! I love that dog. I also became intimately acquainted with her living room carpet when I went flying off her Indo Board. I also laughed my patootie off.

Reading: Yes! I still read all the time! E's little reader toolbar that she designed for me is way out of date. But, right now I am working on Valley of the Dolls. So far, so good. I just started it today. Up next is Vanity Fair, on E's recommendation.

And finally: a complaint. A frustration if you will. aaaaaaoggggggggggidddddheeeeeeoffffffffffffffkllllllllllkkkhhhhhdgggggggggg.ddddddddddd. Because I can't really write about it.
But if I could.
Y'all would hang your heads in shame.
But only the ones who have caused the frustration.

And on that cryptic note: Good Night!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Of two varieties. The first:

Ick. Seriously. Okay, so this big ugly spider has been hanging out (literally) on our sliding glass doors. Last year he was there, and I Lysol-ed the crap out of him to no effect. Then cold weather came, and he went away. Now that the nice weather is back, so is he. Or was he. Today, he met his death. It was a combo-move. Part bleach cleaner, part shoe wielded by hubby. Now, inexplicably, I feel guilty.

Yeah, I think most of the guilt is really coming from this. You see, Zoe hasn't been fully potty trained. We stopped at training when she mostly got it, which meant that she messes in the front where there is linoleum. But now that we are getting a new house, with new floors, we feel that it is time to begin the crate training. Which is going to be a treat. Hubby is already in bed, and I closed the door to the bedroom because I do not want to root Zoe out of bed and wake up the whole neighborhood. So now she is running from the door to me whining, wondering what in the world is going on. She is in for a huge shock when I lock her in her crate and leave her. Almost makes me want to stay up all night long to avoid it. But I can't, I must be strong. Must. Be. Strong.

Pray for us!

Friday, April 07, 2006

House Hunting

Also? The excuse that I am going to use when I asked why I haven't posted in six months.

Yes, we are buying a new house. This time I am going to take before and after pictures. I am still kicking myself that I didn't do it for this house. When we got our current house it was completely white. Now, there are only 2 areas that haven't been touched by paint, and one of them is our walk-in closet. Oh well. Live and learn. Hopefully.

Oh yeah! Our new PC is supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. I am so excited! Pictures of Australia coming soon-ish! Fun fun fun fun fun!

And, that's it. Those are the 2 highlights of my life right now.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I have about five different posts that I am going to combo-deal here.

Starting with: I'm sick! Yay! Stupid cold. Hubby made me chicken noodle soup from scratch, (yes, seriously), and as far as I can tell it is yummy. Unfortunately, he made a whole vat of it, so I will have plenty regardless of whether I am sick or not. And I just know that I will hate that soup by the time the cold has left me.

Okay. So when I got back from Australia, I wanted some good ole-fashioned comfort food. Not that the food in Australia was bad, far from it actually. But when you are away from the familiar for any extended amount of time, you miss it really really bad. So hubby and I went on a little raid at the grocery store. One of my purchases was granola.

This granola that I got? Is sick. Seriously. It tastes like Stove-Top Stuffing. I am not kidding. Its only redeeming factor is that Zoe loves it. She thinks that things that taste like Stove-Top Stuffing are great.

I was moaning and wailing to Britney about my granola problem. (Oh, and in case you were wondering: Breadshop's Granola). She recommended that I go to this store called Wild Oats. Apparently they are the answer to all bad granola problems. And they are. They really really are. First off, they sell it in bulk. Second off, they have about a hundred different flavors. I chose the French Vanilla. Yummy.

And finally, something that cracked me up tonight. We had some severe weather roll through here. I am a spaz when it comes to severe weather. Every tornado season I flip out about 8-10 times and think that it is going to get us. Even though I have never been in a tornado or near a tornado in all the time that I have lived in Indiana. But I still flip out.

Flipping out involves:
Gathering all of the animals into the guest bathroom. You can just imagine how well that goes with 3 cats and a dog. Then I grab all the candles that I can and light them, in case the electricity goes out. At this point my guest bathroom rivals Yankee Candle Co. for smells. I also grab my cell phone and whatever other supplies I feel are necessary for survival of The Tornado That Will Kill Me No Matter How Well I Am Prepared. And then an hour or so later it is all over. No tornado. But I am definitely the worse for wear. Trying to keep peace amongst the animals, and trying to keep the animals away from the candles. In a tiny room.

So severe weather rolls through tonight, but I skip the flipping out part. Instead, I am glued to the TV because there is nothing more riveting than watching those storms rip through Indiana. And I make sure to continuously change channels, because I want to make sure that I am getting the best information possible.

What I found particularly funny were the names of these machines that the different stations use to track weather. It cracks me up at how seriously these people take weather forecasting. And it seems like the more drastic a name is, the more they think that you are going to watch them. But the thing is, they all have the same technology. The 3 different ones that I noticed tonight were: Vipir, X something, and Guardian.

I thought it was super funny that Guardian belongs to Fox. The other stations with less scandalous programming use the unnerving names for their weather machines. But Fox? They want to protect you. I guess so you will keep watching Fox, and their crap shows like "Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy", or "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?".



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Books of Booky Past: these are books that I have recently (or not so recently) read, and recommend.

the plain truth: jodi picoult
This book provided a wealth of information about the Amish community. It was wonderful.

the time traveler's wife: audrey niffenegger (sp?)
This book is like the movie Serendipity. Wow! the first time around, still pretty great for consequent readings.

Present Booky Books: do I really need to explain what this is?

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Books of the Future: Oooooo!



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